TechStarter Ongoing

A croudfunding platform for technical publications and courses. The name will never make it to production.

UI8 Ongoing

I am the senior developer for UI8, a premium marketplace for digital design assets.

clearhome Abandoned

I am building a web and phone application to help people assess what they own and help get rid of the stuff they don't need.
What f#&cking programming language should I use?

What f#&cking programming language should I use? 2016

I am the creator of the best (or at least most entertaining) site for deciding on a programming language for your next project
SOQL Parser

SOQL Parser Ongoing

I am working on building a SOQL parser using PEG.js
Zarate Fitness

Zarate Fitness 2015

I built the website for Zarate Fitness, a personal training business. I was responsible for development and implementation of the site.
Riviera Motel

Riviera Motel 2014

I built the website for Riviera Motel in Mackinaw City, MI. I was responsible for design, development, and implementation of the site.
More on the way!

About Me

I build cool stuff for the internet with JavaScript, Node, and Elixir. I got internet famous when I built What F#&king Programming Language Should I Use? which front-paged Reddit and Hacker News and was shared broadly on social media. Since then, I have been working on a startup and building fun, engaging web applications for other companies to increase brand awareness and generate targeted leads. When not writing code, I'm hanging out with my family, mountain biking, or wrenching on a car or motorcycle.

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